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HoodWatch Tidbits: Park Your Pretend Car at 1 York

What with our focus on North Tribeca this week, Curbed tipsters have sent a bevvy of real estate tidbits about the neighborhood. Here's a roundup of goodies from the inbox.

1) A Curbed reader emails, "The Tribeca Summit building [at 415 Greenwich] has had its sales office open for a year (also changed brokers earlier this year) and does not appear to have any signed contracts. Is the $1300 per square foot and up price too steep? [Elliman Listings, Previous Curbed Coverage]
2) We've given architect Enrique Norten's forthcoming 1 York development oodles of coverage, but a reader brings to our attention an angle we missed: a totally automated parking garage. Much as we hate the Flash-based websites that developers seem so freaking fond of, we must insist you head over to the 1 York site and play with its park-your-car game. Good clean Friday afternoon "fun." [1York Official Site, Curbed]
3) Okay, we're a bit south of this week's HoodWatch territory with this one, but for what it's worth, a tipster emails, "Tribeca mispriced? Two identical lofts on Walker Street. One floor higher is $300k cheaper. Huh?" [Listing 1, Listing 2]