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Final Nails in Gowanus Coffins?

Noooo! The South Brooklyn Casket Company, which is one of Gowanus' many interesting neighborhood landmarks, is probably moving. It's getting too hard to run an industrial business in that part of the neighborhood, they tell the Brooklyn Papers. If the casket makers leave the nabe, the property will be ripe for development as (big surprise) luxe condos, although there's some talk of building affordable housing on the site. Luxe or affordable, how about calling the place The Eternity?
· Casket company is packing it in [Brooklyn Papers]

BROOKLYN BONUS: A Fort Greene church being converted to condos is on hold. It's St. Michael's Episcopal Church on Adelphi Street, which is being turned into a 13-unit condo called Carlton Mews. (Not to be confused with The Sanctuary, which is an entirely different Fort Greene church-condo.) The problem, according to the Brooklyn Papers, is that the Landmarks Preservation Commission said no to a new annex and four-story, so it's back to the drawing board.