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PriceChopper Update: How Low Will 299 W.12th St. Go?

How do you lose $800,000 in a month? Practice practice practice! But seriously, pricing your apartment at a ridiculous amount will help you out if that's your mission. We're bracing for what this will mean for our Comments Review Board, but we'd be remiss in not reporting the latest goings-on over at Penthouse D at 299 West 12th Street. The apartment that ignites the fire in all of your fingers (sample: "#40: You still have to go through the bedroom to go to the loo!!!") had another date with the surgeon recently, and the new price is $2.7 million, down from $3.2 million just 10 days ago, and $3.5 million a few weeks before that. Since this one is all about the price-per-square-foot, here's the updated stats: $3,724 when it's just the interior 725 square-feet, and $2,204 when you toss in the terrace. And yes, you still have to go through the bedroom to go to the loo.
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