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Howard Street: Shining Beacon or Lowly Grundle?

Since Time Out New York is out with its "Best Blocks" feature, we're expecting a lot of sour emails about neighborhoods getting ranked too high, too low or not at all. For our sanity and yours, we'll forego printing them. Except for this one, of course! Why? Because we're suckers for anyone who drops the "perineum" bomb, and it's been a while since we had a good reader rant. So, about the 19th best block in New York?Howard Street between Broadway and Mercer Street in Soho?TONY said: "This magical little hideaway—as much of one as you can find in Soho, anyway—is close to everything, notably the cultural abundance of Prince and Spring Streets, yet remains relatively unsung." A reader counters:

This is regarding Time Out New York’s 50 blocks feature that was just published. Number 19 is a fucking atrocity. There’s a little Chinatown-esque tent setup on the Broadway side, all of the buildings are covered in graffiti (and I’m not talking about talented graffiti, this is a bunch of amateurs), and it’s basically a blight in SoHo. If I had my camera on me earlier today I would’ve taken a picture for you. I work with Tungsten Properties and the office is on 13 Crosby (about a half block) from this spot. I can’t think of a word that describes this perineum of a street but it’s damn sure not the 19th best block in NYC.Anyone who disagrees, feel free to take it up with Tungsten Properties.
· The rankings: 11-20 [TONY] UPDATE: An email follow-up from Tungstein Properties: "Hey We checked and your post doesn't seem to be from someone at Tungsten as our people aren't generally weird and angry like that. Can you let your readers know that as a whole, Tungsten is a big fan of the Lower Soho area in general. Actually, there's a lot of great stuff around that specific block the guy writes about, which is within a few yards of our Crosby office, such as Visionaire, Opening Ceremony, Ted Muehling etc.. The fact that it's off the beaten path, quiet and a bit raw is what we love about it. Thanks."