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Cool New Thing: Luxur(n)y Luxe Rental Mashup

While we ponder the current state of the rental market, here's a fun new tool cooked up by Google software coder and blogger Kushal: a Google Maps mashup of luxury rental buildings in Manhattan. He explains, "The one frustrating thing about these buildings is that they’re hard to find. A lot of them only list their prices in the paper New York Times. A lot of them want you to call or email for prices, a waste of time for all involved. Nearly identical buildings can vary greatly in price."

Prices on the map represent the cheapest apartment available in the building. (The most expensive starting price: $3,895/mo at Related's One Union Square South.) He's trolling for more buildings to add, so drop him a line if you've got the goods.

Meantime, residents of these fine abodes: any pros or cons you'd care to point out?
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