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Who Will Fix Broken Angel?

Bad news for the owners of Clinton Hill's Broken Angel, last seen catching fire high above Downing Street. The Buildings Department has ordered that Arthur and Cynthia Wood abandon the place until the home is brought up to code, a move labeled by Arthur Wood as "emotional terrorism" because they can't afford to do so. Son Chris Wood has already appealed to Brownstoner/Brooklyn Record readers for donations and/or pro bono work, and now he's echoing that sentiment on his Flickr page, which is filled with dozens of amazing Broken Angel photos and some fire shots. Will a real-life "angel" "swoop in" to save this "Broken Angel?" Only "God" (or Dave Chapelle or Michel Gondry) knows.
· 'Angel' owners may be cast out [NYDN]
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[Broken Angel photo via BlueJake]