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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Mira Go Bye-Bye

1) Do you think that Oscar winners have it any different from the rest of us? Not when it comes to landlords, friends. Mira Sorvinao is being booted from her 600-square-foot, rent-stabilized Upper West Side one-bedroom because she's not using it as her primary residence. The landlord wants tenants out so the building can become luxury rentals. Mira had the place for 13 years. [Jada Yuan/Intelligencer]

2) For some reason, we keep you alerted to the real estate dealings of U.S. soccer team captain Claudio Reyna. Remember when he bought that apartment in the Cipriani Club? Then remember when he bought it again? Well, he's off playing in the English Premier League, so you can rent it for $8,000 per month. And the renter gets an autographed jersey! [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

3) What the fuck is artist Ryan McGinness doing buying a place in the Meatpacking District? Oh wait, this explains it: “I honestly don’t know much about the new area. I do know that it is loud on the weekends.” [Max Abelson/Manhattan Transfers]