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CurbedWire: Cranes and Cooper Union

CurbedWire is Curbed's roundup of reader tips, tricks, and other controversies that runs at the end of the day when events warrant. Heard something The Wire should know about? Drop us a line.

1) Williamsburg: Blogger justiNYC emails, "Can't believe you guys havent mentioned this....the big crane on North 7th in the Burg is gone. Does that mean they ran out of money or that the building isnt getting any HUGER?" [CurbedWire Inbox/justiNYC]

2) East Village: A member of the Cooper Union community passes along an email from Prez George Campbell Jr. regarding the school's forthcoming Psychedelic Pleasure Palace near Astor Place. Seems construction is finally about to get underway:

At the end of this week, F.J. Sciame Construction Company will erect a construction fence around the building in preparation for the demolition process, which will commence in mid-November. The exact date will be announced once the students currently in the Hewitt Building are scheduled to move to their new studio space. This will be followed in late March by groundbreaking for the new academic building." Our tipster adds, "No construction fence as of yet, but the obligatory No Parking signs are up." [CurbedWire Inbox]