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Curbed How-To: Email Us a Tip or Question

Every now and then, for the newcomers who've recently stumbled upon this site, we like to remind everyone about the general rules of engagement. First up: Curbed tipping protocol.

Why should I send a tip or question to Curbed? The tipline, through which readers like you send us all sort of neighborhood and real estate information, is the lifeblood of the site. No tip is too small or too absurd (really, the more absurd the better). Questions of any variety are also welcome (our favorites are likely to end up in the Ask Curbed or Rumblings and Bumblings features).
How do I send Curbed tip or question? Email
Will you protect my anonymity? All tip or question emails sent to Curbed are treated anonymously by default. This means that if we run your email on the site, we'll do so without revealing your name, company, or other crucial details that may allow nosy coworkers or neighbors to discern who you are. One exception: tips that come from bloggers who include a link to their blogs. In that case, we assume you want credit for your tip. (Another exception: people threatening to sue us.)
But I want credit for my submission! That's cool; just tell us that in the email, and we're happy to credit you by initials or name on the site.

Tomorrow: Photographs and the Curbed Photo Pool.