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Old Tribeca Stables To Get New Life

Peter Moore, Tribeca's bike-riding, club-closing, building-renovating, architect du jour is at it again. This time it's 157 Hudson Street that's getting a full makeover. The building, built in 1866, originally housed the American Express Horse Stables and later the nightclubs Area, Headley and Vinyl. Moore bought the building in 2004 for $18 million and planned to add three stories to the rooftop, which got the CB 1 and the Landmark Commission all riled up.

A compromise was brokered, with the addition being reduced to two stories, which could not be seen from the street. Downtown Express reports, "The building would have 17 units, all lofts, with an average size of 3,000 square feet. The warehouse’s wooden joists, made of pine that dates back to 1898, are being revived and reused as flooring. Numerous objects found during the renovation process, including historic signs, stonework and piping, will be incorporated into the building’s interior artwork." The renovation will also include a 8,000 square foot garden and nine resident-only parking spaces. Moore himself says “After renovating the other buildings on the block, it seemed like destiny to take a stab at this last piece of the puzzle."
· Building Lofts Where Clubbers and Horses Roamed [Downtown Express]