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Red Hook Waterfront Living: Not Cheap, But Red Hot

So, those apartments in Red Hook above the Fairway have been on the market for a short time--and even though the rents are in the $2,800 to $4,500 range--looks like everything with anything resembling a view is rented already. Not much info on the Manzione website, but a tipster writes:

I went to take a look at the lofts in Red Hook where the Fairway Just opened up... GORGEOUS! The views were spectacular, I couldn't belive that such a place could exist. Looks like all the apartments are GONE except for 5 units! These units face the factory next door and the parking lot up front. No more water view apartments!! I can't belive people are shelling out $3,700 a month for apartments that have no public transportation, no strong schools, etc...I couldn't belive it myself, all the units are going quick. Move in is scheduled to take place January 1st.An apartment overlooking the Fairway parking lot or the part of Van Brunt Street they use as a loading dock? Cool.
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