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The 110 Livingston Phenomenon

A random sampling from the now 530-strong (as of this writing) comments field on the 110 Livingston tax post. A Curbed record!

1) "I to met with Ester and she was pretty much all over the place. I then called back for another appointment and asked for a different sales person. I got David. One thing I can say, this boy does not waste any time, niether his nor mine. But he did ask me one question that no sales person ever asked me before, he asked what was important to me? That kinda impressed me."
2)"I spoke with several people at Two Trees main office and was told that they will be restoring the original interior details from 1925.......the lobby as well as the original meeting hall (the theatre?) they will also restore the original light fixtures."
4) "I moved to this neighborhood before seeing any subway ads for it. Before it was fashionable. I am the reason you all want to live in downtown Brooklyn. I am part of the select few that showed the rest of this city that there is more to this area than municipal buildings."
5) "We are going to try to keep "ass-less chaps" to a minimum. Do you really think it's appropriate with children present to be on display in the public areas?"
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