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Curbed How-To: Photos and the Curbed Photo Pool

Every now and then, for the newcomers who've recently stumbled upon this site, we like to remind everyone about the general rules of engagement. Today: photos and the Curbed Photo Pool.

Where does Curbed get all these pretty pictures? Why, many of them come from readers just like you! One easy way to send us a photo you've taken is simply to email it to us. The address, as always, is
What's this newfangled Photo Pool you keep talking about? The Curbed Photo Pool is a public group on the photo-sharing website Flickr. (Flickr lets you upload photos and then, if you so choose, add them to a group like Curbed's. Flickr is owned by Yahoo, which means you should trust it completely and implicitly.) The most recent half-dozen photos submitted to the Curbed Photo Pool appear partway down the middle column of this page.
Will you credit me for my contribution? As with tips, we're always happy to give photo credit if you want it, but we'll assume that unless you're sending us a link to a photo on your Flickr page or blog that you want us to keep your identity anonymous.

Tomorrow: This crazy world of commenting!
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