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Interesting Williamsburg Renderings

Holy crap. What you are looking at above is a rendering of the building that presumably will be rising at 165 N. 10th in Williamsburg, off Bedford Ave. It comes from Gene Kaufman Architect. A tipster pointed us to the rendering, which is on the Kiska Group's website. What's interesting is that there are a whole bunch more depictions of buildings going up on a number of demolition and construction sites scattered around the Williamsburg. Some we've seen before. Some we haven't. It's a definite worthwhile click, but not if you had a heavy lunch. A couple more selections after the jump.
· Kiska Group Projects []

Here's "Seven Berry," which is at N. 7th and Berry and is a Karl Fischer Architect project.

This is 170 N. 11th Street, another Kaufman project.