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Red Hook Piers Smackdown Update

Red Hook blog B61 Productions is offering up all the details on the latest skirmish over competing plans to develop a 1.1-mile stretch of the Red Hook waterfront from Atlantic Ave. to Wolcott St., that's currently home to a container port among other things. The Economic Development Corp. held a public meeting on plans like the one to throw up 350 units of housing in buildings up to seven stories tall on the west side of Columbia Street. A competing vision is the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, which means more open space. The company running the container port, which would be forced out, is aligned with the Greenway backers who say open space would be "mincemeat" with housing. Proposals also include "maritime-theme" stuff, retail, hotel and convention space, cruise terminals, art galleries and light industry. Which covers almost everything, except for the college campus and luxury condos.
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