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BREAKING: Prince Street De-Boobed

This here is Cybele, a bronze statue by artist Mihail Chemiakin that has gazed over Prince Street in Soho, and provided giggles for gaggles of clever tourists, for as long as we can remember (okay, at least 10 years—the piece was sculpted in 1993). She has been described by one blogger thusly: "Something for everyone, she is the Great Female Goddess of the city's feminists and a generous sexual icon for the male worshipers of Venus."

Which is why this reader tip fresh from the Curbed inbox stopped us dead:

They just pulled her off the sidewalk and put her on a flatbed truck. That's 16 less tits and 6 less ass cheeks for soho.Perhaps this is just another Alamo-type cleaning. But for the love of all things fertile, who knows more?
· Cybele [New York Daily Photo]
· Author Bio: Mihail Chemiakin [] UPDATE: Cybele is gone for good.