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Just Looking for a CASA to Call Home

It's extremely rare around these parts for a broker to call bullshit on an entire building, what with that whole fear of alienating potential clients thing, so when it does happen we get fairly giddy. We point your gaze to the CASA, a rental building that we really couldn't find much about online. It's at 155 West 21st Street in Chelsea, and as you can tell from the ganked PropertyShark photo above, it's new construction. Chirps a real estate professional:

My customer signed a lease in September for a move in starting October 1st and she still has not moved in yet! I have heard of other people who signed leases for 9/15 and haven't move in either. Apparently there is no Certificate of Occupany for the building yet and the property managers keep bullshiting my customer and saying she can move in soon. They also promised to pay for a hotel if she wasn't allowed to move in at the starting date of October 1st. They now say nothing was ever promised.

My customer was promised she would be able to move in originally the 1st of October, then one week after that, then a few more days, now she just doesn't know. Meanwhile, she is in a hotel racking up some big bills since she has been there for two weeks. I was hoping any other curbed readers who rented at CASA can share their experiences. My client wants to know others who have been screwed over and her father wants to file a class action lawsuit against Lalezarian Properties.PropShark has C/Os on file for 1935 and 1972 (when it was a parking lot), but nothing post-millennial. Man, dad's gonna be pissed!
· 151 West 21st Street [PropertyShark]