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Broker Blogwrap: High Road to the Lowball

1) When's the best time to submit a lowball offer for an apartment? UrbanDigs tackles this crucial question with aplomb, even calling out four listings on the market right now that call out for lowballs. Among them: this 2BR at 100 West 72nd that's been PriceChopped twice in the last three weeks from $925,000 to $725,000 since languishing on the market since April. (Another indicator might be this listing prose: "Reduced under market value for immediate sale!") [UrbanDigs]
2) The UnBroker recommends for condo and comparative sales information. [UpperCrustNYC]
3) Got your own hardware store? Got the itch for Hollywood fame? The Grunt has the opportunity you've been looking for. [PropertyGrunt]