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HoodWatch Hangover #2: Go North, Young Moore

This hereby serves as public announcement that the Curbed Style Guide has been revised to note that the official long-form name of N Moore Street in North Tribeca is, in fact, North Moore. Thanks to the myriad readers who sent us maps (like the 1870 version we spotlighted last week and the even cooler 1807 map above), clips from news sources (from Henry Moscow's The Street Book: "North Moore Street. The Namesake: Benjamin Moore, simultaneously rector of Trinity Church, Episcopalian Bishop of New York and president of Columbia College from 1801 to 1811... The street is called North Moore to distinguish it from Moore Street [across town]"), and even this adorable photo of Benjamin himself.

So that settles that. Or, as a Curbed commenter put it, "One Tribeca pal offered a logical compromise: 'Oh just call it N Moore, like it says.'"
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