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Demolition Special in Aisle Four: Admiral's Row

Given that tear downs and shut downs are the Brooklyn flavor of the week, we shuddered when we saw Preservation's story about Admiral's Row in Brooklyn. They're the decrepit, but historic, officer's houses that are, in Preservation's words, "among the grandest remnants of Brooklyn's once-bustling Navy Yard."

The process of demolishing them so that a supermarket can rise on the site is marching forward. The city is finalizing control over the property and the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation still insists the buildings--which sit on six acres--are so decayed they can't be saved. Preservationists say the buildings are in totally crappy shape, but are "perfectly restorable." And, someone from the Fort Greene Association calls the supermarket proposal "slash-and-burn development at its worst." The neighbors? They just want a place to buy groceries. Please don't tell us it's Whole Foods, Fairway or Trader Joe's because it will seriously screw with our organic ciabatta, fair trade organic Guatemalan blend and frozen vegetarian Nasi Goreng.
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