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HoodWatch Hangover #1: Zinc Building Listings

Last week, Curbed presented our first-ever HoodWatch, a week-long focus on a particular neighborhood; in that case, North Tribeca. We'll be doing it again at some point soon for another hood, but in the meantime, we've got some updates on North Tribeca that bear mentioning.

Located on its very own Triangle below Canal at 475 Greenwich Street, new development the Zinc Building is, you may recall, driving its neighbors crazy with its endless foundation pile driving. Want to really push them over the edge? Snap up a pad in the place. Emails a tipster, "Zinc Building listings are in at $1100 per square foot and up (so much for the Holland tunnel discount). And the penthouse, $4,250,000—Zowey Zincman!"

That's the Southern Penthouse there, above, resplendent in its 2,720 square feet of duplex glory. For those with a little less cash to spend, the least expensive unit yet released is an 880 square foot 1BR asking $955,000. By the by, do click through to one of the listings—the broker babble works some pretty special ALL CAPS MAGIC.
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