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Is Gowanus' Empty Vessel Project Boat Sinking?

When last we checked in on the Empty Vessel Project--the funky WWII vintage art boat on the Gowanus Canal--it was to note that the the boat was threatened with eviction by the city. Well, the torpedo was launched and the EVP is sinking. Today's Times reports that a nearby landlord called the Coast Guard on the boat and that, after that, the city ordered the boat moved. (The Coast Guard found gas grills and other "fire hazards" and noted that the boat was "a place where people were hanging out.") For now, it's moored a bit further down the canal. On their website, the organizers are asking for help:

Can you help us find a place to put her? Do you know anyone with waterfront property on the Gowanus or in Red Hook?...We would like to bring EV back to the public. Enough to dampen one's day, so to speak, what with the other bad news like the owner of Broken Angel being carted off in handcuffs and the Old Dutch Mustard factory in Williamsburg coming down fast.
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[Photo courtesy e-liz/flickr]