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Crazy Rumor of the Week: Williamsburg 'Supervenue'?

When we came across this story by Ben Silverman on unchecked Williamsburg corporatization, there was one specific passage that made our bowties spin. Check out this little ditty on Clear Channel-owned Live Nation, which owns and operates concert venues:

Now, word comes from my sources in the hood that Live Nation is in a battle with local concert promoter The Bowery Presents for control of two venues located just yards away from each other. The winner, I've been told, hopes to revamp and consolidate the properties into a "supervenue" with a capacity of upwards of 2,000.Holy hipsters, Batman! The only two substantial venues that are that close together in the neighborhood are Galapagos and Northsix, at 70 and 66 North 6th Streets respectively. Sure, enough, we've heard rumblings from two sources in the local music biz (but not Live Nation employees) that this may go down as stated. A capacity of 2,000 seems a little high when combining those two clubs, but crazier things have happened. Any intel out there?
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