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Storefronting: Avenue A's Hot Corners

1) East Village: "The 4 retail corners of 12 & A seem to be poised to undergo big changes. Back in March there was a fire at the Raven Bar on the north eastern corner of 12th & A. Since then--it's been boarded up. On the other Eastern corner of 12th the old "Cock" bar site remains empty. On the north western corner of 12th & A what was a printing concern is now shuttered with for rent signs and on the south western corner what was a funeral home is currently being renovated into something else. Does anybody know what? Are any of these the newly owned Extell buildings? Any and all scoop appreciated." Not sure where that Extell mention came from, but we're sure Gary Barnett was a Cock regular. [Storefronting inbox]

2) Park Slope: We're surprised that these are still around, but Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn is saying that a Chock Full O' Nuts store might be coming to the corner of Seventh Avenue between Union and President Streets, in the space vacated by Cinematique. Says OTBKB: "Ah, that really brings back memories. That place really was chock full of nuts." But is it nutty enough to take on nearby Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts? [OTBKB]

3) Gramurray: The country music-blarin', Tex-Mex-and-burger-servin' Rodeo Bar has taken over its adjacent retail space for a store dedicated to "Rock 'N' Roll and Western Wares/New and vintage western clothing/Biker Gear/Boots/Belt Buckles/Leather Goods...and more." It'll be called Boot Liquor, and it will be open in December. Now clear your throat and say it with us: Yeehaw! [The Real Estate]

4) Soho Some good background and info on the whacked-out Alessi flagship store on Greene Street, designed at great expense by radical architecture firm Assymptote. [MetropolisMag]

5) Midtown: The first HBO retail store, currently under construction on the ground floor of the company's offices on Sixth Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Streets, will be open in time for the holidays. Sopranos box sets and Vincent Chase masks for everyone!