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"Lavish Lifestyle" and "Experiential Showers" in Jersey City

What you are looking at are the 55-story Trump Plaza luxury towers rising in Jersey City. A reminder about them came our way from the development's new marketing people, which we would have ignored, but it was too hard to pass up the opportunity to delve into the "lavish lifestyle" being sold, if only because we really haven't before:

A monumental stone portal with glass canopy marks the entrance to an elegant and modern lobby, with around-the-clock concierge services. In conjunction with its 20th century Parisian theme, the lobby is adorned with soaring 12-foot Macassar ebony doorways, French limestone flooring and a large, working fireplace.And if that doesn't slake your thirst for hyperbole or mental images of tacky excess:Other on-site amenities include lavishly appointed men’s and women’s steam and treatment rooms..rainfall showers with dim steam and sauna, and walk-in experiential shower."Walk-in experiential shower"? Okay. Will that be available during the opening party?
· Trump Plaza Website [] NEW JERSEY BONUS: Careful where you buy in old, industrial Jersey. Today's Times notes that the view from $2M town houses in Weehawken may not be the only thing about them that is killer. Turns out they're sitting on top of chromium, which causes lung cancer, liver and kidney damage and DNA mutations. It also says that Hudson County, which is where Jersey City is, is "the nation’s chromium-waste center, with almost 200 sites where it was dumped decades ago."