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Storefronting: Closing the Coliseum?

1) Midtown: All great stories must come to an end (har), and Coliseum Books has penned its final chapter ... Chapter 11! (har har!) The legendary independent book store, which has been at its Bryant Park location since 2003, has filed for bankruptcy protection. The board of directors is seeking to "wind-down the company's affairs." You'll have to go elsewhere for your Joe Torre book signings and the like. [NYSun]

2) Upper West Side: I live not in, but very near the Trump apartments on Riverside Drive. Ever since they tore down the old Associated/Food Emporium market to build another luxury apartment building at 70th and West End, we haven't had a real food market nearby. I saw a sign in one of the Trump buildings the other day (no idea which...they all look the same) that Jubilee Market was opening there, but it had no indication of when. Care to comment on that as well as the lack of commercial space in the buildings that has actually been rented? Maybe a reader will have more information than I. Yeah, I know I don't live in an exciting neighborhood, but this is what I've got..." Our comment: Don't buy food from a place named "Jubilee." Just sounds weird. [Storefronting inbox]

3) Carroll Gardens: Those liberal footsoldiers of have moved to the cozy confines of Carroll Gardens, despite the fact that there are no competitive congressional races in Brooklyn. No matter, though, because those young idealists are using their second-floor office space to call millions of voters in nationwide districts. [NYSun]

4) Midtown: So we already told you that the NHL is moving its offices to 1185 Sixth Avenue next year. What more do you want from us? You want us also to tell you that the NHL's first-ever retail store will occupy the glass-wrapped corner of the building? Well fine! There! But remember: No grown man should ever wear another grown man's jersey. [NYPost]

[Coliseum Books photo from WhatISee]