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East Village MotoMania: To Vroom or Not to Vroom?

Apropos of nothing (it's a boring Monday morning!), we present to you ... the bikers of St. Marks Place:

I live on st.marks place between 2nd and 3rd and every day at all hours I hear fat, middleaged, leatherclad mother fuckers revving their bikes and tearing ass down my block to gain some sort of pride and impress the gutterpunks before they head back up to the gold coast and park-view classic sixes. I guess their co-op boards don't appreciate the sound of being badass in the morning. GET THE FUCK OFF MY BLOCK.So much rage. So early in the week. And to tie this all up in a neat little package, the above picture comes from Flickr user eggrollboy, who tells this tale from the corner of St. Marks and Second Avenue: "Was eating at Dallas BBQ on St. Mark's Street last night and we saw a motorcycle running into a squad car. What happened was that the rider went into a one-way street but then made a U-turn and is going the wrong way. it just happened a squad car rolled by to see why the guy was revving so loud. Guess the rider wasn't paying attention and slamemd into the squad car. And to top it off, he had no license or insurance!" Trend alert!
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