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It Happened One Weekend: How Will Domino Fall?

1) Billyburg residents gear up for a fight over the future of the Domino Sugar Factory. As we've noted, it's developers against preservationists, who see the building as a link to New York's history of sugar production. However, developers are planning for a residential development, including affordable housing. Rev. Jim O’Shea asks, “if you look at it in human terms, how many families do you want to knock out of housing in the community, at what price, and what are you preserving?” You see? Even God wants more development in Williamsburg! [Jake Mooney/The City: Williamsburg]

2) If you are a family of four living in a pad that may not be a perfect fit, such as a child sleeping in a converted dining room, please be forewarned. Do not allow your children to bring friends over to the apartment. It can be extremely dangerous to your family's self-esteem. It seems children have a way of pointing out what is so glaringly obvious, such as your crappy apartment. It is suggested you begin saving immediately and upgrade before normal play date scheduling is to resume. [Teri Karush Rogers/"The Toughest Critics Are the Smallest "]

3) A quadrapalegic deals with tight spaces as he tries to begin his life as a banker in New York City. Seems many buildings are not up to code when it comes to accomodating handicapped residents, with many lacking proper ramps and some not being able to handle the necessary renovations. Plus, we learn that our Hunter's live-in assistant won't cut him a break and pretend to be his lady. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

4) Developers in Corona, Queens are replacing two-family homes with six-family structures which many in the community feel will lead to overcrowding. Developer Karl Alajajian says, “The community should be happy because their property values will go up.” [C.J. Hughes/Posting]