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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) BREAKING: Tishman & Co. Buy Stuyvesant Town/Cooper Village for $5.4b (76 comments)
"It seems almost biblical in justice...the people who live there now live on the lands that were seized by eminent domain by their (figurative) fathers. Now they too will be cast out, to wander in the cold, by the forces of power/wealth (billionaire funds like CALSTERS)."
2) Adventures in Real Estate Advertising, Caledonia Ed. (64 comments)
"Besides the hedge fund trader in the scarf (#4), how could the other four afford to live in Manhattan? This is false advertising. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!"
3) Demolition Speciate In Aisle Four: Admiral's Row (51 comments)
"That is messed up! Imagine not what these pieces of history look like when they are old and worn down, but rather what these big box retail stores (bound to go out of favor at some point) will look like scattered all acrossed America."
4) BREAKING: Prince Street De-Boobed (37 comments)
"maybe 'the thinker' was thinking about tits and ass, but that does not make this a rodin!"