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Eater Tastings: Brewhaha

Inside Rai Rai Ken, the EVill noodle bar. [Photo by InfoMofo/Eater pool/flickr]

More of this week's goodness from Curbed/SLNY restaurant blog Eater...

1) This week in drinking and dining scandals: A Starbucks barista tells Eater that she's been brewing Starbucks' brand Espresso Roast instead of Café Estima Blend, the advertised coffee of the week. Sounds relatively harmless, right, until you realize that only the Estima is fair trade certified. The humanity.
2) Staying Afloat 101: How does Paradou do it? Down-home customer service and free wine.
3) Operators are standing by to take your reservation let the phone ring and ring and ring at the soon-to-open Gordon Ramsay at the London.

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