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Curbed How-To: Join the Commenter Fray

Every now and then, for the newcomers who've recently stumbled upon this site, we like to remind everyone about the general rules of engagement. Today: commenting!

1) How can I leave a comment on a Curbed post? Simple. Just click on the comment link at the bottom of the post you want to comment on, and you'll jump through to the individual entry page. Type your comment, type the code word, and submit. Your comment should be posted to Curbed within a minute or two.
2) Why are my comments not showing up? You're probably not typing in the word "seven" in the box that asks, "What is three plus four?" (This little mind game, by the by, is our way of keeping comment spam off the site.)
3) OMG! Someone said something offensive in a comment! Yeah, it happens. The best recourse is to ignore, not engage. We're believers in open discourse, and policing every spat is a slippery slope to a hell of our own creation, so we're not going to jump in and delete comments unless things get really out of hand. Keep it safe, and respect your fellow commenters.
4) Curbed should require registration/etc for commenting! Well, there's that open discourse problem again. Plus, studies show commenter registration doesn't solve the problem of trolls (they can register just like everyone else). That said, we're working on several new community features that we hope will make commenting on Curbed an even more enjoyable pastime. Ideas welcome, as ever.
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Later today: Advertising on Curbed.