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LES/EVil Downzoning: No More BLUEs?

What to do when the skyline of your neighborhood is suddenly filled with Thors, BLUEs, and massive spa hotels by Jason Pomeranc? Why, make sure they get to keep their glorious wraparound views forever. Seems that a community board taskforce (no, really) is thinking downzone for the East Village and Lower East Side:

The proposed rezoning area includes more than 100 blocks bounded by the north side of E. 13th St., the west side of Avenue D, the north side of Houston St., the west side of Pitt St., the north side of Delancey St., the east side of Essex St., the north side of Grand St., 100 feet in from the east side of the Bowery and 100 feet in from the west side of Third Ave.As savvy developers race to buy up the blocks that face this oasis where buildings might not be allowed to exceed 80 feet in height, we're happy to pass along this bit of counterintuitive fun stemming from the rezoning: "The slight upzoning being proposed in the East Village could lead to landlords of five-story tenements using the increased F.A.R. to add at least a story, plus possibly a half-story penthouse on top of their buildings." Or, of course, the whole downzone thing might never happen. More to come on this debate, certainly.
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