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In MePa, Visions of a Parisian Future

Aaron from Streetsblog emails: "There is a very cool project underway in the Meatpacking District to transform the big intersection of Gansevoort and Little 12th and 9th Ave into a big piazza (above, bottom). The project is totally grasroots and has flown totally beneath the radar. But there’s lots of big support for it." Among the project's backers: Sr. Florent himself.

The Streetsblog report is awesome, from the schematics of pedestrian movement outside Soho House, to the conclusion that the neighborhood appears not to attract those older than 40 years old. As for the piazza plan, count us for it, even though you know it's just going to further pad Keith McNally's bottom line.
· A New Vision for the Meatpacking District [Streetsblog]