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Gowanus: Land of the Junkie Homeless Squatters

It's almost refreshing when there's a Brooklyn real estate story that's not about luxury condos. So it is with this one: the occupation of the old MTA Power Station between Third Avenue and the Gowanus Canal by a small army of homeless people, dope addicts and squatters (some of whom presumably can't afford prices in surrounding Carroll Gardens or Park Slope). A Flickr photog posted photos (UPDATE: now deposted) from inside "The Bat Cave" last week and there was a story in today's Daily News about the squatter kids (who are probably being removed as we speak). The building is on property that would be part of Leviev Boymelgreen's so-called Gowanus Village. Our favorite part is the quote about them from a security guard: "They look like they're punk rockers - Mohawks, Army bags, hoodies. They seem real nice, well-mannered." Next week: a feature on the people that live under the Third Street Bridge.
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