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The Two Sides of 255 Hudson

When Lizzie Grubman promised everyone who bought into Tribeca's glassy 255 Hudson free classic cars and boobies by the bucket-load, we didn't think there would be any problem selling off the units. And we didn't think there were any problems, until a tipster pointed out that a handful of units are available for rent, listed right along the for-sale apartments on Corcoran's website. So now you can buy a 1,650-square-foot three-bedroom condo for $2.3 million, or you can rent one for $12,000 a month?we won't judge (we promise). So what's the deal? Opines our tipster: "With the equally sales challenged Tribeca Summit a few blocks south, the Zinc and 1 York buildings being built around the corner, I smell a condo glut."

But here's the thing, Encyclopedia Brown: people are buying. Or at least that's what New York is telling us, because the mag is out with its latest VU. real estate supplement, and the piéce de résistance is a breakdown of who is snatching up all of those luxury condos springing up around town. And the dazzling opening graphic? You guessed it: the stats on 255 Hudson. Looks like the cars+cleavage campaign has attracted a mostly-single Wall Street set looking to blow their bonuses; no surprise there. But what is surprising is that 2% of the buyers are retired. We assumed that once Tribecans hit 40, the crystals embedded in their palms turn black, and they're forced to either give themselves up or kill Farrah Fawcett and run.
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