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CurbedWire: Crosby St. Hotel Goes to 11

1) Soho: A further update on the mysterious hotel proposed for the parking lot on Crosby Street (between Prince and Spring, right) in Soho. Seems Stonehill & Taylor, the architects/planners overseeing the Plaza Hotel condoification, filed an application for an 11-story, 130,714 gross square foot hotel. Opines Lofter1, "Given that the lot is ~ 100' x 100' it seems that the GSF shown on the application implies that this building will fill pretty much the entire footprint of the lot going all the way up to the full height." [WiredNY]

2) Flammability Dept.: A special Curbed correspondent emails from within the wild world of architecture: "I just received word that the Department of Buildings - as of just a few days ago - now considers Ipe wood to be a combustible material. This would seem to make sense, except for the fact that up until this recent reversal, Ipe had been considered a non-combusible material (Ipe has a National Fire Protection Association rating of Class A, which I think is basically non-combustible). What this means: now if you use it for a roof deck, for example, the area you are permitted to cover maxes out at 20% of your roof area - less area than what previously would have been permitted. It also means that if you are using it for a rear yard deck, you are now required to stay at least 3 feet from your neighbors' property lines with the stuff. Anything getting filed with DOB will now be getting objections based upon this reversed decision. Hmm. Unless the NFPA changed their rating or the DOB has suddenly gone environmentally conscious (Ipe is an exotic hardwood harvested in Brazil), I smell something fishy. Or perhaps burning. Say, Broken Angel. Purely speculation, of course." [CurbedWire]