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Cool New Thing:

Yeah, we know, another bookmarking type of thing. But, which we stumbled into when it was in beta (before it was passworded), is now live and puts a slightly different spin on things. You can check out blog posts and news and content by zip code or just by moving a Google map around. You can also tag blog items, set up a home page, etc. The site--which can cover any zip code in the country--bills itself as "a bridge between information space and real-world space -- a place to see in a single glance all the interesting things that are happening around you." Content is still limited right now and everything doesn't show up where it should (like the Fourth Avenue Brooklyn restaurant Sheep Station pops up under Tribeca), but that should improve dramatically as people start posting and tagging. The site comes out of Brooklyn, having been cooked up by writer and web person Steven Johnson and some partners.
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