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Northside Piers Offering More Renderings, Floor Plans

So, maybe it has something to do with tomorrow's sales preview party in Manhattan for the Toll Brothers Northside Piers in Williamsburg, but the proejct's website, which has long featured smiling people that look like they've been mainlining Prozac, now has floor plans (sorry, it's a flash site, so no direct links to the pages) and a better sense of the development (screencap, above). Doesn't look like there's pricing info on the site yet, but studios are said to start at $370K. Not everyone's impressed:

After browsing through the floorplans it appeared that anyone who might be expecting great views for reasonable prices would be disappointed. The building's western view will be blocked by the upcoming buildings 2 and 3; the northern view will also be blocked by The Edge; its eastern view is unobstructed but one may find cheaper in-land developments with similar views; the southern view is great but only for people who can afford large 2 bedrooms. Williamsburg is now officially for the stroller set.Oh, yeah, and the updated site also has a lot more new renderings with more new frighteningly happy, happy, happy people.
· Toll Brothers Northside Piers Glassy Look [Curbed]