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Rumblings & Bumblings: Washington's Empty Shell

If it's Tuesday, and there's development, there'll be Rumblings & Bumblings. You know the drill: You ask, you answer. All the good stuff to drop a note in the comments below.

1) West Village: The tipster who sent the photos above writes, "I took these shots of the NE corner of Charles and Washington (from the street and from my rooftop 'the old police building') where Waterloo Brasserie then Midway once stood. The empty shell of Midway had been there for almost 4 years until a couple months ago when it was razed, just wondering what's going in next?
2) Gramurray: Big doings done the road from Crossing 23rd. First, our fair reader wants to know about northwestcorner of 23rd and 3rd, where a new development ("they finally begun building the first few floors of the place, and have erected a pretty massive street level crane") is taking up 2/3 of the block from 23rd to 24th. We touched on this last year?big old J.D. Carlisle condo, as far as we can tell. More info welcome. Moving on: "The second [property in question] is a much smaller parcell of land on the east side of 3rd avneue between 26th and 27th (i think). They plowed under a walk-up building earlier this year, and now are building... something. Any ideas what?"
3) Carnegie Hill: "I live on 97th btw 3rd & lex... there is a fancy condo bldg going up a block west, as well as an affordable housing conversion. and now the 2 buildings immediately to the west of mine (probably... 156 and 158?) are both being gutted. what for? on the one hand, I won't miss the mariachi band that used to rehearse into the wee, small hours... but on the other, I'm terrified of the creatures that are likely to evacuate those buildings for the warmth and coziness of mine as temperatures drop. is there any upside? are they going to become adorable, cheap apartments? any info you can dredge up will be greatly appreciated."