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Harlem Nightmare: Invasion of the Soho Snatchers

You remember Harlem's Loft 124 right? It was only a couple of weeks ago that we mentioned it. Well, apparently this tipster didn't remember, because he wanted to give us the heads up on it. The e-mail sounds suspiciously pitch-y, but it's also the greatest fear of every Harlem purist out there, and it should probably be shared. Enjoy!

My wife and I visited this building called LOFT-124 in Harlem over the weekend and it was amazing. I searched on Curbed and couldn’t find anything on it. We saw a beautiful modern renovated loft (demonstration unit) still preserving the character of the historic building. It was like what we’ve seen in SoHo and other areas, but pretty affordable up there. Far above the quality we’ve seen in Harlem before. You should check it out.Harlem: the affordable Soho we always knew it could be.
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