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West 30s, Manhattan's Heart of Secret Awesomeness

Last week, we took a special photographic peek at a secret garden tucked behind a seemingly boring facade in the West 30s. Today, a tipster sends along the above photo, a worthy follow-up to what's clearly a neighborhood where, as in Paris, the best sights are unseen:

When not looking at the women, shareholders of 433 W. 34th can look out the west side of the building and see dogs and children in the gated 'Bob's Park', another neighborhood secret of the West 30s. The park wraps around the townhouse that is the fictional address of Nero Wolfe. It might not be Gramercy Park but we do all have our own private key! These secret gardens are forcing us to reconsider our take on the West 30s.
OLD CW: Bulldoze the whole thing and build a stadium already.
NEW CW: Frolic on evergreen elysian fields in this peeping tom's paradise. So tell us—what else is this hood hiding? Intel to, as ever.
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