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Development Du Jour: 133 Water

A Curbed reader emails, "The website for a new building in Dumbo is up, 133 Water. The funny part is that the photo on the page is bogus. That building while nice is totally surrounded by other buildings. The photo on the website makes it look like all apartments have expansive views. Love Photoshop."

133 Water, of course, comes from the architectural studio of Robert Scarano. Brownstoner caught a glimpse of it rising back in June. The site is bare-bones at this point, so we had to dig for this tidbit from 2004: "The street frontage of the building will be composed of concrete, a material that is contextual with the 1904 warehouses built by the Gair family throughout the area." Which is just about the fanciest justification for concrete we've ever done seen.
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