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A Little Long Island in Brooklyn

Mythic blog presence Bucky Turco did a little drive-by shooting way out in Brooklyn's Cypress Hills neighborhood, and some of the results are seen above. Looks like the head Animal has a thing for these "houses you'd expect to find on Long Island," and he's also intrigued by their proximity to the less-awesome East New York. He delves into a little class warfare and writes:

Atlantic Avenue serves as the buffer zone between a litter free suburban-like enclave and crime ridden hornet's nest of rampant low income shacks and despair. Amazing how an avenue without even a wall can totally demarcate two totally different neighborhoods and provide residents with a physical barrier from the poor people in addition to the steel fences and bars around all first story windows.According to Trulia, the average sales price in Cypress Hills is over $100,000 cheaper than the overall Brooklyn average ($508,000 compared to $622,000 from July-September). An interesting stat, but not as interesting as us managing to get through this without one corny "Insane in the Membrane" pun.
· Cypress Hills: So Close to East New York, Yet So Far [Animal]