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CurbedWire: Johns in BillyBurg

1) Downtown Brooklyn: Hey, 110 Livingston fanboys (630 comments and counting), chew on this: "this NYSun article 110 Livingstion claims to have over 50% of their units in contract. Considering the recent tax screw ups and the lack of pricing on the web site are we really supposed to believe this information is correct?? Time will tell. Either that or there must be some great deals going on over matter how you slice it, there's still over 150 more units to go." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Times Square: The last piece of the Times Square puzzle is on schedule. A tipster emails, "Looks like the Milstein's are def going forward with their new tower. At least it seems they are as they are advertising space available." Looks like 35 floors and 850,000 sqft, plus a bonus 200 outdoor parking spaces. [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Williamsburg: Seems something big is about to go down in the 'Burg on the corner of Grand and Driggs. A tipster snapped some pics (above) and fills us in: "Porto-potties are never a good sign -- but microphones? These microphones have been left in the locked lot at various times in the last few weeks but this is the first time we've seen laptop guy. A few people have seen City Employees cleaning up the overgrown spot twice last spring. Anyone know what's going on? Perhaps the johns are a gentle suggestion for the multiple people breaking in and curbing their dogs." [CurbedWire Inbox]