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133 Water Update: All Decked Out

Let's turn this right over to the photographer of the above photograph: "Saw your thing today on 133 Water in Dumbo. If only the writer knew exactly how surrounded it was. I took this photo yesterday AM from the footpath of the Manhattan Bridge. Look at those lovely terraces, which must look great on the drawings. Maybe the top two are usable, barely. What do you do with the rest of them? Bicycle storage, anyone? Not only does the building cover half of them, they are right next to the Manhattan Bridge. 'Honey, could you step outside and see if the Q train is running today?' Hideous. What were they thinking?"

This might be our favorite photo in Curbed's history. Seriously, just soak it up.
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BONUS: This story just keeps getting better. Emails another reader, "Hey, how did you miss that 133 Water Street in Dumbo is owned by Josh Guttman? A quick check on the DOB website confirmed it. Could it be that concrete is more fireproof then wood? Maybe that's why they're hyping the concrete front, so buyers will feel safer."

133 Water Street

133 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY