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Hipsters Get Schooled, Lied To

So the Post's Adam Bonislawski drew the short straw and wound up covering that Homebuying for Hipsters class that caused a mini-sensation a few days ago. He reported for duty at Williamsburg's Black Betty, and?after proving his own hipster mettle ("But instead of Bob Pollard 7-inches or why the new season of 'Veronica Mars' sucks, the hot topic on Tuesday was real estate.")?he relays this quote:

"It just dawned on me that I've been paying rent for over 10 years, and I realized I knew nothing about buying," says Michael Cohen, a bartender and MFA student who wants a place in Greenpoint. "I feel like it's probably a little bit more complicated than they made it sound, but it was definitely informative." The unintended tragedy of this whole charade has reared its ugly head: 30-year-old bartenders who are still in art school now believe they can afford to buy a place to live in New York.
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