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"Angry Tenants" in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Been a while since we checked in on that happening little Brooklyn enclave across Prospect Park known as Prospect Lefferts Gardens or PLG. Planet PLG reports that residents are busy fighting "Ocean Avenue slumlords." Specifically, a recent meeting "brought out a sizable group of angry tenants from the buildings along Ocean Avenue." There were many complaints of a time-honored NYC tradition:

attempts to drive out longtime rent-stabilized residents in order to jack-up the rents for gentrifying newcomers. Residents of several buildings along the block complained of frequent outages of hot or cold water (how do you like your morning shower - ice-cold or scalding hot?), periods without heat, front doors that can be easily pulled open, crumbling ceilings, holes between apartments, steam pipes on the verge of bursting and more.If you're wondering what's going on in PLG real estate land, you can always check out the Planet's listing of what's on sale in PLG.
· Ocean Av. Slumlords, Your Time Has Come [Planet PLG]
· Prospect Lefferts Gardens: Closer Than the Post Thinks [Curbed] BONUS: Speaking of PLG, another excellent neighborhood blog, Across the Park, weighs in about "how LITTLE CB9 actually does for the community it's supposed to serve." We're guessing they're not sponsoring PLG tenant uprisings?