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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) 133 Water Update: All Decked Out (43 comments)
"Wow... that's such a joke, it's actually hard to believe the terrace idea was considered a "good one". Who greenlighted that crap?"
2) Shelf Life: Brooklyn Heights 1BR (41 comments)
"It's the price. It's almost always the price, by the way. This property is priced at least 10% too high. And the maintenance is kind of high for a 1 bed coop in Brooklyn. You could find a better deal in many parts of lower Manhattan."
3) Northside Piers Offering More Renderings, Floor Plans (41 comments)
"The web site definitely seems to be selling a lifestyle as much as (maybe even more than) it's selling the apartments. And that lifestyle seems to be "suburbia in the city." Who is doing this marketing?"
4) 42nd Street: World Future Edition (36 comments)
"I lurve it, but let's face facts: drawings like this have been around for 20 years, so don't hold your breath. What will it take to push something like this forward? Perhaps the completion of massive redevelopment on the far west side of Midtown (eg Javits)."