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Williamsburg Supervenue Update: NorthSix Transformation

The battle for New York's live music scene is headed to the next level, and the two prizefighters are LiveNation and BoweryPresents.

Last week's rumor that NorthSix is being renovated turns out to be true, with the NYT reporting that Bowery has acquired the lease for NorthSix, renovated and expanded the joint (balconies!), and renamed it the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Owner Michael Swier says they “want to treat it as a special little gem, as we do the Bowery Ballroom." Not to be outdone, LiveNation counters with the 600-seat Gramercy Theater, set to open in January. They will also begin booking shows at thew new space Rebel on West 30th, as well as a reconfigured Luna Lounge in Billyburg.
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