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FloMa Accepts the Challenge

Well, it's not Greenpoint, but it's impressive nonetheless. Shattering Will Femia's record of four under-construction developments in one frame, a tipster sends the above along, with footnotes:

From my office window facing W 28th Street I can see 6 projects under construction, but only 5 will fit into photo frame - at an angle... (5 still beats 4) [Ed.? Talking smack!]

1. Is actually on W 29th ST
2. on W 28th ST.
3. on W 28th ST - looks like it has 2 penthouse apartments - 1 with a duplex.
4. You can just make out the construction barrier in front of the hole
where a building was demo'd on 27th Street
5. Site of Remy 101 W 27 ST

Yes, very impressive. And, just for giggles, a bonus observation: "I wonder what's going to happen to the wholesale flower 'district' One of the owners of Paradise Plants on W 28th said the mass relocation was a 'just a rumor' that had been tossed around for years and he had no plans to relocate. New residents with dogs will have the happiest canines in town - it's like having a backyard in your front yard with real trees and grass and plants."
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